DALL·E kaj arto per artefarita intelekto

Niĉjo kaj Blanjo parolas pri artkreo per DALL·E; nova artefarita intelekta projekto, kiu povas krei altkvalitan arton per nur teksta priskribo.

v. 2. 480b (35mb)

Versio de 1080p (ver. 2, 225mb) .:. YouTube

DALL·E: https://openai.com/dall-e-2

Mia Vivo, la socia retejo por esperantistoj: https://miavivo.net

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/johannesgenberg
PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/nubumo (marku la donacon per NKB)

Fono: Secret Crates – Springtime Stroll
Fino: Lakey Inspired – Chill Day
Galerio: Inossi – Waiting

Parol, la esperanta voĉroboto: https://parol.martinrue.com

La uzitaj priskriboj por la galeriaj bildoj (vico laŭ apero):
Mona Lisa by Giuseppe Arcimboldo
An astronaut sitting on a ball sized planet, looking at the universe
A fox listening to beats to study and relax to
A wide-eyed pug, high contrast black and white and red ink drawing, hard borders
A punk rock toy robot in a punk rock concert, realistic
A closeup of a 100-year-old wrinkled toothless happy woman, digital art, realistic
A post-impressionist painting of a wild new year’s party in an apartment
A man made of wool walking down the street
A cardboard cat staring at the camera, closeup photo, fish-eyed lens
A man screaming in panic in a crowd, cubist painting
A photo in a museum of a bust of a giggling Roman emperor
A photo of a humanoid robot reading a book in a dusty old abandoned library
Closeup of a very old and very wise man, digital art, realistic
A photo of a window with many colorful flowers in pots on a rainy day, lit by neon light from outside
An oil painting of a cyborg hamster with a black leather jacket
Three cherries with huge human mouths and teeth, in a fruit bowl, photo realistic
A woman with big sunglasses blowing a giant bubblegum, lit by pink, green and purple neon light
A pug made of marshmallows
A photo of a burning human candlestick
An avant-garde painting of a man sitting legs cross on the street playing guitar
A humanoid crocodile in post-apocalyptic clothing standing in front of a brick wall full of graffiti, lit by purple and pink neon light, high quality
Totoro, from The Fly (1986)
Closeup photo of a tiny plant growing between the boards in an abandoned house
A closeup of a woman in profile wearing earphones and sunglasses and looking up at the sky, vaporwave style, 2d digital vector art
A closeup wide angle photo of a turtle staring at you
A family picture drawn by a three-year-old
A photo of the bust of David with headphones, listening to vaporwave in a museum
A black cat and a white cat hugging each other, digital art


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